Shakuntala Food Products

Nekr Foods represents Shakuntala Food Products, an authentic food products manufacturing company based in Pen, state of Maharashtra, India.

Shakuntala Food Products, established in 2014, manufactures an assortment of high quality Indian food products. These products are developed through extensive product research and quality controls. The company’s manufacturing unit is located at Pen in Maharashtra, India.

The product portfolio consists of Traditional Flours, Flours used during fasting, Crispies, Ready to cook mixes and Indian spices.

Nekr Foods undertakes the marketing and distribution of Shakuntala Food Products in the cities of Dombivli and Thane in Maharashtra.
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Shakuntala Food Products – Product Portfolio
Bhaji Mix
Ready Mix
Paramparik Pith (Traditional Flour Mix)
Upwas Pith (Flour Mix for Fasting)
Masala (Spice Powder)
Masala Mix (Spice Mix)
Cake Mix

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