India’s culinary diversity comes from its various masala mixes (condiments) which have been handed down from generations and find usage in special cuisines.

Our condiments  have been developed basis product research and consumer feedback on flavour, aroma and product consistency among others. These unique blends give our products a distinct taste that entices the taste buds of consumers. Absence of any artificial preservatives,  colours or fragrances add to the healthy nature of Nekr Foods’ rich assortment.

Our sauces & pickles assortment includes Lemon Spread and Chincha Sauce, prepared through a mix of fine local ingredients.

Sauces & Pickles

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Our masala mix assortment includes Chaha Masala, Taak Masala and Doodh Masala which add flavour to our daily cups of happiness. Sambar Masala, Usal Misal Masala, Garam Masala and Goda Masala add flavour to food while our Masala Supari  leaves a pleasant aftertaste post meals.

Masala Mix

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