Nekr Foods supports local ‘homemade’ product makers by providing them a larger customer base in the local markets. These producers are generally single individuals who have a specialty in making certain products but lack the marketing support to reach a larger audience. Nekr Foods provides such producers with a larger marketing canvas by distributing these products through its retail partners and during exhibitions. These products carry the authentic, traditional taste and are checked for quality, consistency and taste before being introduced on retail shelves.

Our key homemade assortment includes:

[icon name=”chevron-right” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Batata Kis (बटाटा किस or बटाट्याचा किस): Batata Kis is generally used to make Chivda, especially during fasting. Our Batata Kis is made only from specific Potatoes from Talegaon or Indore. The potatoes are cleaned, steamed, grated and then sundried in traditional manner to make the Batata Kis. The entire process takes upto 5 days to arrive at a crispy, rich textured and tasty Batata Kis. We do not use Alum in preperation of Batata Kis.

[icon name=”chevron-right” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Sabudana Batata Chakli (साबुदाणा बटाटा चकली): Sabudana Batata Chakli is a delicacy for people who are fasting and hence it is also called as Upwas Chakli. Sabudana soaked in water is added to cleaned, steamed potatoes. This combination, along with other ingredients are further cooked and then sundried in the shape of chakli. The right combination of Sabudana and Potatoes is what adds to the crispy nature of our Chakli. This Chakli can be enjoyed by frying or microwaving it.

[icon name=”chevron-right” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Sandgi Mirchi (सांडगी मिरची): Fried Sandgi Mirchi is consumed as a side dish like fried papads. Our Sandgi Mirchi is prepared by stuffing Green chilies with spices, then sundried. Our Sandgi Mirchi speciality is the spice mix that goes into its preparation. A point to note is that our Sandgi Mirchi is not extra salty like the ones sold in markets today.

We are always on the lookout for adding great products  to our portfolio. So if you have any specialty that you wish to present to a larger audience, do contact us.

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